I revive childhood dreams, create living toys, and I love it.

Hello there,
I see you just stumbled on to my page, so welcome.
My Name is Olga currently I live in Germany and on here you can find some of my beloved creations.
All of my little ones are completely self-made, and made by using a combination technique of sewing and felting.
For my teddys I only use the best possible materials such as German or Italian viscose or alpaca, pine sawdust and handmade glass-eyes by KL-Glasaugen and of course a lot of love. I create a variety of different animals but mostly cute teddy bears, dogs, cats, bunnies and sometimes even pigs, frogs and exotic animals like elephants or giaffes.
And they are all hoping to find a nice new home
Also they have been created in smoke and animalfree surroundings.
But I am sorry to tell you that I cant replicate any of my works since all of them are a result of my Inspiration and therefore are entirely unique.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me via e-mail at kormann.furry.toys@gmail.com
And if you are interested in the whole creation process you are very welcome to take a peek on Instagram where I regularly post pictures and small videos at http://instagram.com/furry.toys

Thanks in advance for your time and interest in my work.

Have a nice day,
xx Olga