Review by Diana H.
United States, on Nov 4, 2022

Absolutely beautiful !! What amazing craftsmanship on this bunny. Thank you so much.

Review by Jun Z.
Japan, on Oct 13, 2022

Very beautiful color

Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Aug 22, 2022

A wonderfully made work of art.
Truly lucky to have been able to add this rabbit to my collection.

Review by Maggie S.
United States, on Feb 26, 2022
Review by Bingye X.
China, on Jan 5, 2022

My dream bear for now, so love him.

Review by Erik F.
Italy, on Jan 4, 2022

Amazingly sculpted. I m amazed.
Supreme quality.

Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Dec 23, 2021

George is my first purchase from Olga and he is just just a delightful bear. He is so skillfully made and I just love his eyes and I particularly like alpaca. Very nicely packaged and arrived super fast to England.

Review by Miyuki M.
Japan, on Aug 14, 2021

Hubert is wonderful boy🐻💖 I love his beautiful green eyes and charming black button nose❤️

Review by Aurelie Y.
China, on Apr 28, 2021

Lorraine is a miracle! She's perfect! Olga's craftsmanship is exquisite. Very satisfied. Thank you!

thank you very much dear Aurelie, , your emotions are very valuable to me
Olga Kormann
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Apr 26, 2021

I love my bumblebee bear, Cody. Another masterpiece by Olga Kormann...this bear is gorgeous, the colours, the tactile feel of the bear and the pleasant weight are all superb. The bear is full of character and joy. I have many of Olga Kormann's bears now, every one is a special treasure I adore. Thank you, Olga!

dear Linda, I'm happy !!! thank you very much for your love for beauty !!!
Olga Kormann
Review by Katja C.
Switzerland, on Apr 14, 2021

This is an incredibly impressive bear... a real work of Art, with a capital A...
The craftsmanship is absolutely outstanding and the bear really exudes the passion, dedication and love that made him come to life...
The materials are of highest quality - I honestly have never seen eyes like these... it looks like a real, breathing creature, that penetrates one's soul, screaming for love and melting hearts...
He can take lots of beautiful poses, has an amazingly delicate collar with embroidered-on sparkly bugles and its fur is very tactile and "organic", one could swear he's breathing and about to move... he could almost pass for a real (teddy-)bear cub !!
Once freed from his box, he started going all crazy and after having settled to his new home, he started goofing around, like a little kid :)
He came well packed and Olga even included an adorable gift ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ My photos don't do him justice... I tried to capture some of the moods :D
I warmly recommend this artist... she's insanely talented and creates characters with a soul ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review by Luna D.
Norway, on Mar 29, 2021

The little monkey Moyra is so cute and adorable! ❤ Fast shipping. Thank you very much! 🌸

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